High-End Residential

Graduate Student Runner-Up: Kravet Design of Distinction Award, 2016


CONCEPT Southern Hospitality

LOCATION Atlanta, Georgia

SCOPE 3500 sq. ft.

TIMELINE 10 weeks

TOOLS + TECHNIQUES Marker rendering, Revit, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

A young, active couple with a newborn desired a re-design of their home that supported and reflected their active lifestyle, while also providing a comfortable and welcoming environment that is just as suitable for entertaining guests as it is for raising a family.

As the family has recently relocated from Minnesota to the Atlanta area, I chose to use the concept of southern hospitality to guide the design of the family’s new home. 

Renderings were created using marker, pen and pencil and traced over a Revit-built wireframe for perspective accuracy, and edited in photoshop.

This project was conducted in partnership with an Atlanta-based residential design firm, and included a formal presentation to the firm's design team at their Atlanta headquarters upon project completion.