Commercial office design


CONCEPT Cricket bat

LOCATION Denver, Colorado

SCOPE 10000 sq. ft.

TIMELINE 10 weeks

TOOLS + TECHNIQUES Revit, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Gunn & Moore (GM) is known around the world as one of the premier manufacturers of cricket bats. Through the use of superior materials and substantial investments in manufacturing technology and procedural research, GM has been refining the craft of cricket bat production for over 125 years. 

This design for the company's American Headquarters in Denver, Colorado was inspired by the form of the cricket bat--a result of 125 years of refined craftsmanship and use of choicest materials. This was expressed in the interior space through a balance between modern technology and time-tested function. The use of clean lines, simple forms and a balanced layout guide the entirety of the space’s design.