So, a little background for you guys.

One of the first get-outta-my-comfort-zone things I did upon returning to Tallahassee in January (mind you, mere days after completing a more or less spontaneous cross-country roadtrip) was attending a meeting of Tallahassee’s local chapter of the Rising Tide Society.

If you’re not familiar with the Rising Tide Society, it’s a nationwide network of creative entrepreneurs with local monthly meet-ups with the mission of being “an educational community for creative entrepreneurs,” in the spirit of community over competition. They provide a treasure trove of resources for entrepreneurs--from business to blogging to marketing and finding work/life balance. If you’re at all interested in maybe someday opening your own shop or starting your own company, it’s a delightful resource. You can even check to see if there’s a local chapter near you!

I’m a textbook INFP, so the thought of dropping myself in a room full of strangers to talk about my barely-there company was intimidating! But you know, a few gluten-free cake pops and a glass of champagne later, I found myself laughing and learning in the company of local and like-minded photographers, graphic designers, calligraphers, crafters and artists from all different backgrounds. It was fabulous, fun, and most of all--encouraging.


All that to say...I’m so excited to get to take over our local Rising Tide Society Tallahassee Instagram this week to share a little about myself, my business and (probably what I’m most excited about…), the Tallahassee RTS group, some of my fav spots and things about Florida’s capital city!

I’m super excited--you can follow along here