morning person

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who really grabs hold of the morning hours--instead of hitting snooze until the very last minute. I mean, getting out of bed is never easy, but I always enjoy starting my day before the sun rises when I can manage to emerge from beneath the covers.

So how to become a morning person real quick, you ask? If you're crazy like me...adopt a nine-week old golden retriever puppy! My new roommate is sweet as can be, and probably the only thing that can get me to start my day at 5:30 a.m.—with a smile on my face

In addition to having a little puppy who depends on me to get out of bed, I wanted to share a few other tips with you that have made my new early-riser ways a little easier--and more enjoyable.


This is my #1 tip to ensure a smooth and easy morning. I’m not functioning at my best right when I wake up—so it helps to have a pot full of coffee, a pre-cooked breakfast waiting to be microwaved, and the day’s outfit ready to go the night before. For me, I live and die by Sunday evening meal prep, an automatic coffee maker that brews a few cups at 6:15, and a glance at the next morning's weather to see how many sweaters I need to put on.

Decision fatigue is a thing, and I find that the fewer decisions I have to make before dawn, the happier I am!


Here’s a story about how I’m the laziest person ever. About a year ago, the light in my ceiling fan fixture went out, and when I purchased a bulb? It was the wrong size (embarrassing to admit, as an interior design student who spent an entire semester in a class devoted solely to lighting). I learned to live without it (I’m all about adaptation), and when Christmas came around, I strung a few light strands around my headboard, mirror and windows.

The warm, sparkly light they provide is just enough to read a book at night, and is really soft and easy on the eyes when my pup’s early morning wake-up call comes around. I’m planning on keeping them up until I move out in a few months (...and I've forgotten that I ever had an overhead light at all).


As an anxiety-prone recovering perfectionist, I like to set a mood of relaxation as soon as possible when I wake up or return home—it’s my sanctuary. I got an Ellia diffuser for Christmas, and have loved trying out different blends for bedtime, early morning and when I’m working from home. The sound of it is soothing and the smells are so refreshing! A little lavender to go along with my devotional in the morning is something that I actually look forward to when I wake up.